Formula H and Bug OFF

At Amelia Naturals, every product has a reason and a story behind its creation. 

Formula ‘H’ was created to help my daughter heal from all the bug bites she got after we moved to Florida.  My poor 12-year-olds legs were polka dotted with scabs and she was miserable.  She is a blood type O, which means that mosquitoes especially love her.  As a plant enthusiast & gardener, I researched healing herbs and oils & came up with this formulation that works very well.  As she was healing, I thought, “Now we need to prevent the bites in the first place.”   

Picture of a bottle

4 ounces $20 Refills $15

Soon, Bug OFF! was born from my research on the insects that bother us the most here in Florida, specifically, gnats, sand fleas, mosquitoes, flies & ticks.  I found the plants & essential oils they DON’T like, & mixed up a potent concoction of 7 different essential oils in a carrier of plant hydrosols plus my special tincture of Rosemary.  It is a labor intensive, multi-step process, but it not only works well, many people say it smells so good, they use it as perfume & room spray.  

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