Candles – The Story

At Amelia Naturals, every product has a reason and a story behind its creation. 

Our first product, the Therapy in a Tin Massage Candle, was created as a Christmas gift for a married couple.   They had 3 children between the ages of 6 & 12 years old, the father was building his own company, the mother was taking care of the home, family scheduling for the very busy kids (music lessons, art classes & sports teams among other activities) as well as doing freelance artwork. 

I observed the usual minor bickering between this couple, (who had been exceedingly kind & generous to me & my family during a particularly difficult time).  Clearly, they were stressed by the daily grind. Naturally, I wanted to give them something WONDERFUL for Christmas.  There was nothing they NEEDED materially, and I didn’t have much money anyway, but I DID have a degree in psychology with a particular interest in relationships and the power of touch. 

 The first Introduction to Psychology class I took in college had us studying Harry Harlow’s 1958 experiments with newborn Rhesus monkey babies.  As you may know, it studied the importance of touch in development & socialization. It resonated and made complete sense to me.   

I remembered that during my separation & divorce, I had missed the back rubs & foot rubs that were part of married life.  I remembered the many articles I had read through the years of how important touch was for ALL mammals.  I thought, they need to have time to give each other the undivided attention that they have not had time to give.  I decided to make a candle that would help this couple have a reconnecting experience.  An evening of appreciating each other & the unique refreshment & reinforcement that only a committed partnership can provide. 

So, I formulated a special candle, full of good for you ingredients.  Cosmetic grade soy wax, organic virgin coconut oil, grape seed, oil shea butter & only essential oils for the necessary aromatherapy.  Burning the candle releases the natural oils into the air to soothe & begin to set the mood.  Turn off the TV & the phones, put on your favorite relaxing music, pour a refreshing beverage & take a moment to breathe & focus on your special person.  The candle will take between 15 – 30 minutes to melt across the top.  Once you have a massage with warm oil, you will NEVER want anything else! 

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