Immune Support

At Amelia Naturals, there is a reason & story behind every product 

Reflexology is the one thing that will ALWAYS work to relax & de-escalate any tension I have.  

It seems I have spent most of my adult life asking, bartering, begging for foot massages. 

Then, once the feet are in position, the problem becomes finding the right massage cream.  Oil on the feet is not a great idea from a safety standpoint.  Body lotion soaks in so fast it is very difficult to get a good massage going.  So right after the massage candle, I formulated a balm made specifically for reflexology foot massage.  I wanted it to stand up to a full hour of therapeutic massage. 

Not only did it do that, an unexpected side effect is that with weekly use, the dry skin & growing calluses were completely under control!  

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